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  • Buying technological line

    Buying technological line

    Gastop Group has implemented a modern production line equipped with devices for the manufacture of access control equipment. 

  • Gastop Group at FAIRS

    Gastop Group at FAIRS

    Gastop Group presented a range of devices including access control turnstiles, swing and the stadium gates at the fair in Germany.  

  • France fairs

    France fairs

    Gastop Group had the pleasure to present the latest products at international fairs in France. 

  • Gastop Group Nuremberg

    Gastop Group Nuremberg

    Gastop Group had the pleasure to present the latest products (including turnstiles and stadium gate) at the international fairs in Nuremberg.

  • The development of distribution networks

    The development of distribution networks

    Gastop Group expanded the structure of the distribution network of more European Union countries such as France, Germany, Hungary, Italy.  

  • Gastop Group - ROMEXPO SA.

    Gastop Group - ROMEXPO SA.

    Our access control products (low turnstiles) were presented at the fair ROMEXPO SA in Romania.

  • Buying modern technological lines

    Buying modern technological lines

    Gastop Group received EU grants for the implementation of modern production line of access control devices equipped with robotic welding stations. Implementation w / in-line will allow an additional increase competitiveness Gastop Group on European and world markets.    

  • Gastop Group - Stockholm, Sweden

    Gastop Group - Stockholm, Sweden

    Gastop Group access control products ( turnstiles low ) were presented at the fairs in Sweden.

  • EURO 2012 stadiums

    EURO 2012 stadiums

    Gastop Group carried out construction work for installing turnstiles, fencing, safety barriers on the largest stadiums in Gdansk and Wroclaw and Krakow spare built in connection with organized event in 2012 EURO 2012. 

  • Expansion of company headquarters

    Expansion of company headquarters

    The GASTOP Production Sp. z o.o. expands headquarters and production department of modern production line and laboratory.

  • EURO 2012

    EURO 2012

    Gastop Group as the leader of the Polish and European market participated in the design and equipped in access control infrastructure  (ie stadium turnstiles, gates, fencing, safety barriers) most of the stadiums built and rebuilt in connection with an event organized in Poland - EURO 2012.   

  • Gastop Presentation - London 2016

    Gastop Presentation - London 2016

    On 21-24.06.2016 we presented our products ( turnstiles , speed gates A1) at Europe's largest IFSEC fairs in London.

  • Distribution network

    Distribution network

    Gastop Group expanded its distribution network of more countries: the Netherlands, the other Benelux countries and Sweden.

  • Gastop Presentation - Essen 2016

    Gastop Presentation - Essen 2016

    Once again we presented our products (turnstiles, speed gates A1) at the European trade fair 'Security Essen 2016' in Germany.

  • 200 million passes

    200 million passes

    Gastop Group turnstiles serves more than 200 000 000 passanger passes a year.  

  • Expoprotection - Paris 2016

    Expoprotection - Paris 2016

    On 7-9 November 2016 in Paris, the biggest fair in France was held

  • Nuremberg Fairs

    Nuremberg Fairs

    We are pleased to present our solutions in the area of access control at the fair in Nuremberg.  

  • Bouwinnovatie - Belgium 2017

    Bouwinnovatie - Belgium 2017

    20-22 January 2017 in Hasselt (Belgium) held the largest trade show in the region.