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Speed Gates SG-1


Fast flow capacity gates of SG-1 type are designed for pedestrian access control assistance at guarded passageways inside buildings. Devices may cooperate with electronic pedestrian management systems of control and personal access.

Main use of the device is to support passageways at airports (e.g. authorised service personnel only passageways, as well as directing passenger traffic),at railway stations (e.g. points of ticket control/access authorisation and passenger traffic), access authorisation points in public utility buildings, points of ticket and fees control (e.g. in sports facilities, show and exhibition facilities, theatres, cinemas), access and time attendance control points in working places (e.g. dedicated areas in factories, offices). Devices may also be used to supplement systems of other devices into a technical passageway or access for the disabled.


"...Just as the GA turstiles the SG-1 serie is our new project. The device has been designed to meet the highest standards both in terms of design and reliability..."

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piktogramy diodoweDIODE PICTOGRAMS

Visual signalling (diode pictograms) informs about traffic directions being turned on and off within the passage section. A red cross informs that the traffic direction is turned off/locked (the device disables a passage of a person); a green arrow informs that the traffic direction is turned on.




kontrola wejscia wyjściaENTRY AND EXIT CONTROL

A system of sensors for pedestrian traffic detection assists control over the entry of people authorised. A processor system software analyses signals from the system of sensors, what allows to detect, with a high accuracy, cases such as a passage attempt of two people based on a single authorisation or a passage of a person without authorisation.




blokada cofaniaSOUND SIGNALLING

Sound signalling informs, among others, about occurrence of an unusual situation (e.g. an attempt of two people’s passage in the same or opposite directions without authorisation), or about detecting an unauthorised object within the movement detection area.





wspomoaganie obrotu ramionDEVICE CONFIGURATION VIA USB

All functions and operation parameters of the device can be configured from a computer programme level, which operates in Windows OS, after the device is connected via a USB port or Ethernet.





wspomoaganie obrotu ramionEMERGENCY EXIT

In case of voltage decay, the device remains in an unlocked position.






wspomoaganie obrotu ramionOVERLOAD PROTECTION

All devices are equipped in an additional overload protection, which stops the wings movement if an obstacle is detected, and a sound signalling is set off. After the event, the wings movement is possible only after another command signal is received.




(1) connecting SG1-L ‘Master’ module with an SG1-C ‘Slave’ module (power supply, steering), (2) connecting SG1-C ‘Master’ module with an SG1-R ‘Slave’ module (power supply, steering), (3) connecting SG1-L ‘Master’ module with external devices, (4) connecting SG1-C ‘Master’ module to external devices (see: examples of control devices).



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Model SG1-L SG1-C SG1-R
Power supply voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC
Maximum power consumption 90 W 180 W 90 W
Minimum power consumption 30 W 60 W 30 W
Maximum current consumption 6 A 12 A 6 A
Operation temperature 0o to +50o C 0o to +50o C 0o to +50o C
Storage temperature - 30o to +60o C - 30o to +60o C - 30o to +60o C
IP protection rate IP 40 IP 40 IP 40
Maximum operation humidity 85 % 85 % 85 %
Net weight ~120 kg ~120 kg ~120 kg
Wing opening/closing time ~ 1 sec ~ 1 sec ~ 1 sec
Main housing material INOX AISI 304 INOX AISI 304 INOX AISI 304
Device's wing material toughened glasss 12 mm toughened glasss 12 mm toughened glasss 12 mm

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